Discipline & Truancy Board

The Meigs County Discipline-Truancy Board is comprised of members of the Juvenile Court, School System, and Behavioral Health Field.

The purpose of the board is to conduct an informal proceeding to address problematic student behaviors and truancy concerns, as identified by the school system.

The mission of the proceeding is to enter into a voluntary agreement and compromise, in lieu of filing a petition to juvenile court – this will prevent students from having an open juvenile court record and families will not be subjected to a full administrative court cost and maximum fines. Participation in this proceeding will also prevent parents or guardians from receiving a Class C misdemeanor for violating school attendance laws (TCA: 49-63-30), if the appearance is for truancy.

The goal of the proceeding is to: engage with students and parents to assess problematic behaviors and potential risks; discuss optional behavioral intervention strategies; establish codes of conduct; implement rehabilitative measures; and provide an on-going evaluation of at-risk students.

The proceeding is not designed to be a forum where legal hearings transpire. The student and/or parents have the right to a legal hearing before the Juvenile Court Judge, and if such is the case, a petition may be filed with juvenile court.

If at any point during the informal hearing it becomes apparent that a voluntary agreement and/or intervention plan cannot be reached, the hearing will be ended and at the discretion of the board a petition may be filed with juvenile court.

For more information you may contact:

Tad Roberts Carol Petitt

Supervisor of Safety & Social Services or Youth Services & Probation Officer

Meigs County Board of Education Meigs County Juvenile Court

(423)334-5793/tad@meigsboe.net (423)334-9673