K-9 Searches

It is understood that the Meigs County School System has established and communicated a policy (School Board Policy: 6.307 “Drug-Free Schools” & 6.309 “Zero Tolerance Offenses”) clearly defining illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, firearms and ammunition, prescription and over-the-counter medication, and that this policy has been disseminated to all campus locations and can be found on the school system’s website (www.meigscounty.net). Such violations are considered inimical to the welfare of students and contrary to the school system’s desire to foster an atmosphere conducive to safety and education.

School administrators and school resource officers in conjunction with Interquest Detection Canines ® shall provide contraband inspection services utilizing non-aggressive contraband detection canines. Such inspections may be conducted on an unannounced basis under the auspices and direction of the school administration with Interquest acting as an agent of the school system while conducting such inspections. Communal areas, lockers, gym areas, parking lots (automobiles), grounds, and other select areas as directed by school officials, shall be subject to inspection. Contraband detected on school property is the responsibility of the school. Suspected drugs of abuse may be field-tested to provide preliminary or presumptive identification of the drug.

Interquest is licensed and registered by the U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Commission on Private Security, c-05527 and other state regulatory agencies as required.

For more information or questions concerning school board policies or laws regarding drugs, alcohol, or firearms on school property, please contact:

Tad Roberts

Supervisor of Safety and Social Services