Meigs County Textbook Transparency Act Information

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This information is provided to address concerns and recent legislation passed related to use of Common Core Standards in Tennessee schools. Meigs County Schools purchased and will use the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Math Textbook series titled “GOMATH”. This series has been approved by the State Department of Education and is based on Tennessee State Educational Standards. This series is also based on “Common Core” standards as indicated throughout the text. Our recent purchase of this textbook series was prior to the Tennessee legislation that was passed prohibiting the use of text and materials that use “common core standards” TN SB769/ HB782 (Public Chapter 205). The continued use of this text has been approved by the State Department of Education and Meigs County Schools are in full compliance with all laws and regulations related to this issue. Students and parents will see references to “Common Core” throughout these textbooks. Again, this textbook is based upon Tennessee Academic Standards as well and has been approved by the State of Tennessee Department of Education. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Central Office at 423-334-5793.

Tennessee Standards Compared to Common Core Standards

The link below provides you access to a side-by-side comparison of current Tennessee Math Standards and Common Core State Standards. This analysis was completed by Achieve.Org and it provides correlations for grades K- 12. To gain access to the comparison report you can click on the link below and once in the site, one can then click on Tennessee Side by Side Analysis-2016 (Excel File) at the bottom of the page and it will pull up the excel file and you can utilize the tabs at the bottom of the file to see certain grade bands.

Mathematics Academic Standards

Prohibited Concepts in Instruction: